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Whereto Now Arsenal?

So, my reservations turned out justified! Arsenal failed to win the League Cup.

Even though I am an Arsenal supporter, I must say that they deserved to lose. They didn’t turn up in the game, and like I feared, they failed to mix it up with long ball attempts.

Obviously, the absence of Fabregas and Theo Walcott had a huge impact on Arsenal’s attempt to finally win a trophy in a long time since 2005.

Whereto now Arsenal?

Will Arsenal’s failure to lift the League Cup affect the rest of their season? There is still the FA Cup to play for, Champions League return leg with Barcelona on March 8 and of course the premiership title to fight for.

Unless Arsenal can quickly put aside their failure to win the League Cup behind them, I am afraid their season will quickly unravel for them from now on. 

Worse still, if Fabregas and Walcott do not recover from their injuries quickly enough to come back to play, Arsenal’s prospects do not look rosy. 

I love to be proven wrong, but for Arsenal to do well for the rest of their season, Wenger would have to do some rethinking. Arsenal have to mix up their game a little and try to score from long shots. And maybe Walcott should be told to run at defenders more often and go for goals himself, instead of passing the ball back to his colleagues once too often.

Arsenal’s game has become  very predictable. They don’t even know how to lop the ball, like how Barcelona players do so well.

I still have not given up on Arsenal, but for now they have to quickly cope with and get over the psychological scar of letting slip of the very good chance of finally bringing home a trophy after 6 long years.

Will and can Arsenal do it?