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Will Arsenal Win The League Cup?

Arsenal will be facing Birmingham in the final of the League Cup tonight at the Wembley stadium. Will Arsenal win?

The League Cup is considered the least important of the honours to be won in English football. However, to Arsenal, who have not won anything since their 2005 FA Cup win, winning the League Cup this time holds more significance than ever before.

On paper, Arsenal look the better bet to lift the Cup. But with injuries to Cesc Fabregas and Theo Walcott which they picked up in the 1-0 win over Stoke City, it is anything but.

Both Fabregas and and Walcott are unlikely to play. According to manager Arsene Wenger, Walcott will likely be out for 2 weeks and they are hoping Fabregas can recover from the hamstring injury in time to face Barcelona in the Champions League return leg  on March 8.

So it looks like Arsenal will be without their influential captain and Theo Walcott.

Without Fabregas, Arsenal’s engine room may be jeopardised. Jack Wilshire is playing well no doubt, but the others would have to raise their performance a notch or two if they want to come away with something this time and not throw away a golden oportunity to reward themselves and their long suffering fans and supporters.

What is worrying me is whether Arsenal will play their usual fluid game the FULL 90 minutes. If not, I am not too confident Arsenal can come away the winner. Look at how Arsenal squandered a 4 goal lead against Newcastle!

Arshavin is another worrying factor. His work rate is not the probelm but lately, he has lost his penchant of scoring goals. What is worrying is that for all his running, Arshavin plays like a blind mice. Often he kicks the ball without knowing where the goal mouth is, and his passes often go astray.

If Arshavin can recover his old form, and the others play as a team for the FULL 90 minutes and Van Persie’s current scintillating form doen’t desert him when it is most indeeded, then Arsenal should come away the winner.

What do you think? Will Arsenal win the League Cup or will it be Birmingham’s day?