Alex Ferguson Should Not Sully His Reputation

Alex Ferguson is at it again! This time he has lashed out at the match officials and the referee for awarding a “soft” penalty in the  2-1 defeat to Chelsea.

Many refereeing decisions in the past had gone in favour of Manchester United and Alex Ferguson had kept quiet. For example, in their recent match with Wigan where the referee should have had sent Rooney off for elbowing Wigan’s James McCarthy, but didn’t.

Alex Ferguson should not sully his reputation.

It is true that match officials and referees sometimes make horrendous mistakes. It is part of the game, unless the English FA is amenable to the use of video evidence.

Although the penalty awarded by Martin Atkinson may be a “soft” one, I think he was justified in awarding it. If the decision had gone the other way, I am sure Sir Alex would have kept quiet about it.

For  a manager of Ferguson’s stature, prudence is the better part of valour.


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