The Way Is Open For Arsenal!

So, Chelsea have just defeated Manchester United 2-1!  This post is written at 5.40 a.m, Malaysian time, just after the Chelsea-MU game this morning.

This means that Arsenal can close the gap to one point in the premiership if they beat their next opponent Sunderland next weekend. But before that, Arsenal have the return match with Leyton Orient in the FA Cup fixture and the return match with Barcelona in the Champoins League to contend with. 

But first, Arsenal will have to overcome the psychological blow from losing to Birmingham in the Carling Cup. And their injured players Walcott, Fabregas and Van Persie have to recover quickly.

Will or can Arsenal seize the chance to close the gap to one point from MU and take it from there?. If they can, then Arsenal’s season may yet have a golden lining and this will be just reward to themselves and their long sufffering fans and supporters.

Whatever it is, Arsenal cannot hope for a better chance, and they cannot and should not take it lightly. It may perhaps be Arsenal’s last!

It is possible that Manchester United may become demoralised for losing a golden opportunity to put distance betweem themselves and Arsenal, their closest rival. However. knowing Manchester United, they are surely not going to make it easy for their challenger.

More importantly, Arsene Wenger may have to do some serious rethinking as to their predictable style of play. Arsenal have got to try scoring from long shots and maybe taking on their opponents directly instead of passing the ball to death, as they often do to their own woe, especially against opponents who pack their back in numbers. 

Do you agree?


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