MU On The Way To Winning The Premiership Again?

The way things are going, it seems that Manchester United are on the way to another premiership title. If MU beat Chelsea in a classic clash tonight, they will be 7 points ahead of their nearest rival Arsenal who failed to win the League Cup yesterday.

This will pile on further pressure on Arsenal and with their 2-1 defeat to Birmingham in yesterday’s League Cup final,  I am afraid this may be too much a psychological blow for them to recover from.

To add to Arsenal’s woes, both Walcott and Fabregas are out with injuries picked up in their 2-1 win over Stoke City earlier.

Without them, it was quite obvious that Arsenal struggled to play their usual fluid game in the League Cup final against Birmingham. This is not to take credit away from Birmingham who played a resolute game and deserved to win.

I have often said that Arsenal’s weakness is their predictable style of play. They tend to pass the ball to death instead of taking chances at goal. Their failure to mix up their game with long shots has often ended in woe.

Another thing  that I have observed about Arsenal is that some of their players, especially Arshavin and Rosicky of late, often do not know where the goal-mouth is and therefore it is not surprising that their attempts at goal just aren’t finding their  target!

Especially when you are playing  teams who have wisen up to your style of play and therefore pack the back in numbers, you have to learn to mix up your game with long shots and lops, something that Barcelona do well.

My fear for Arsenal is not only whether they can recover in time psychologically from the defeat to Birmingham, but also whether they are able to adapt their style of play according to the situation.

If not, I believe Arsenal’s season is over even if Walcott and Fabregas recover quickly to come back to play.

That will indeed be a very sad and disappointing thing to Arsenal’s long suffering fans and supporters and to the neutrals who love to watch beautiful football. It will be another season of promise and failure, coming close and fading out  in the end.

Will Arsenal’s fans and supporters have to wait yet another for more of the same?     

I hope and wish to be proven wrong.

What do you say, especially Arsenal fans and supporters out there?.


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